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Business Vision (Old)

Columbia Press is a small press company owned and managed by Christine H. Kroll. Services offered include educational consulting, freelance writing and editing, investigative journalism, and website development. The mission of Columbia Press is to promote technical writing and educational materials while foregrounding leadership opportunities inclusive of minorities and women. Print materials are designed with gender race friendly sociolinguistic concordance. At present, projects have included books, blogs, website planning and design, press releases, investigative reporting, and unit plan curricula development.

*Note: This list was intended to provide a representation. Contact us for more information.

       Past & Present Sample Credits

Editor of Seasonal Newsletter: Asian-American Forum Newsletter;
Blogger/Contributor:  Asian Pacific Americans for Progress;; Asian Green News;
Website/Webpage Development:  UDC English Graduate Student Association; Asian-American Forum;; Asian Green News;
Lesson Plans:  Composition, ESL, TEFL, STEM, Environment, Multi-cultural;
Published:  National Council of Teachers of English; Global Research (CRG); Post Carbon Institute; Street Sense Media;
Reprints:  Independent Political Report; Op-Ed News; Independent Media Center; World News Daily;
Authored Books:  Gwok Choy: A Family Memoir; Places: An Essay Collection; Chasm: Short Fiction;
Conference Attendee/Participant: UDC Literature Live; Fight Colorectal Cancer; Good Jobs, Green Jobs; Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar; AAPI Literary Arts and Poetry Performance (LAPP); Climate Convergence Conference; Soil Not Oil;
Other Technical Writing:  Engineering technical reports including preliminary studies, cost estimates, inspection reports, project specifications, & contract documents;
Volunteer/leadership project: Reading Partners; Branch Ave Litter Patrol; People for Fairness Coalition; Asian Green News;
Sample Memberships: National Scholars Honors Society; American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE); Asian American Journalists Association; Investigative Reporters and Editors;


Ms. Kroll earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at University of Washington, Seattle, WA. in 1987. She worked for government, and private consulting firms for over a decade, and also operated her own design consulting service. After many years of contract work, she earned her professional civil engineering license with the State of Oregon in 2000. However, struck by the continual need for cultural competency and individual agency, Ms. Kroll embarked in educational training after 2002. A major stepping stone was completing teacher aide training at Fresno City College in 2004. Transferring to Cal State University Fresno, she enrolled in English and teaching courses learning much about these subjects between 2005-2007. Ms. Kroll broadened her horizons further upon transferring to the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), a historically black college and university located in Washington, D.C. in 2008. Eventually, with an opportunity to work with the Scholars-on-a-Roll Freshman Learning Community, Ms. Kroll acquired additional teaching and educational research skills which enabled her to complete a Masters of Arts in English Composition and Rhetoric in 2011. Since then her focus has largely evolved into green journalism, a growing field combining skills in technology, environmental activism, and composition. Educational-environmental teaching and writing can include conservational ways to improve the quality of human life compatible with diversified sustainable infrastructures. Christine's motto: "Life is a journey!" symbolizes this belief.

Future Goals:

  • Furthering interconnections between traditionally segregated groups and subject matters (eg. technical, educational, and non-fiction & creative writing) with reference between and among relevant websites for the purpose of unifying intellectual and moral perspectives.
  • Fostering interconnections between traditionally segregated groups and subject matters with references to multimedia resource websites and grassroots community advocacy for enhanced viewership.
  • Growing and developing non-profit or fee-based K-12 or adult basic education multimedia materials within existing websites to help promote innovative thought and open inquiry.
  • Seeking opportunities to present K-12 or adult basic education multimedia materials as a community based consultant with institutions and nonprofit organizations.
  • Exploring community partnerships by attending work-related seminars, special events and interviewing experts.
  • Developing hard-copy informational materials for solicitations.

  • Subject Areas

    The subject areas which I am qualified to instruct include Math, Chemistry I, English Composition, Developmental English, TEFL, Statics, and K-12 Liberal Arts matter. I have guided students towards developing better interdisciplinary Study Skills, Computer Skills, and Technical Skills. Topics of personal growth continue to include Writing, Nature, Editing, Education, News Writing, and Engineering. Past Life Skills training have included Health, First Aid, Domestic Engineering, Camping, Bicycling, Basic Automobile Care, Drafting, and Community activism.

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